Had any ADOR1 battery issues?

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    Oct 17, 2016

    I've been raising yard chickens with my neighbors for fifteen years or so, and a few years ago we built a new coop with an ADOR1 automatic chicken door. I've been fanatically pleased with this device! It's 99% flawless, works great, has prevented all racoon-attacks (knock knock) and makes raising chickens a lot less hassle. It was expensive, but I figured I was buying it for life.

    However, this year we've started to see problems with the 6v lantern battery in our ADOR1 running out too fast. The ADOR site claims that even a cheap Wal-Mart lantern battery should power the ADOR for at least a year, but we've just run down our third battery of 2016.

    The last two times this happened, I figured faulty batteries were the problem. But this time, I wrote to ADOR, asking what else they'd suggest I check. They replied that there is a known issue with current leaking out across the buzzer in certain units, leading to premature battery death! They have a software upgrade that can solve the problem. So I'm pursuing that ... I wish I'd known this before I spent so much on batteries.

    I know there are a lot of ADOR1 owners on this forum ... anybody else had this problem?


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    Please keep us advised of their solution. I'm using rechargeable 6v batteries in my Ador1 that I rotate every few months... No issues yet.
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    Jun 11, 2014
    Have had the door just over two years. Replaced the circuit board within last year and also added a solar sensor (due to inside mounting). I've found the batteries last about six months, but I started marking the batteries. One installed 3/25/16, another 6/22/16. Last week discovered it wasn't opening/closing so put in a new battery, but nothing. Tried a different new battery. Same results--nothing. No red flashing light. Nada. Find it hard to believe that both new batteries are dead, so I'm going to have to call.

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