had chick starter, got grower feed by mistake for 6 and 10 week olds

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  1. siouxbee

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    May 8, 2007
    I have been giving my girls organic chick starter. I think it was called broiler crumbles, actually, made by blue seal. Anyway. So I called the feed store last week because I was running out, and they called yesterday to let me know my organic chick food was in.

    Went to get it today -- it's grower crumbles. It says right on the package that you're supposed to transition them gradually to this after at least 8 weeks old.

    Well, my girls are 6 and 10 weeks old, and I'm out of my chick starter. Will they be ok with this sudden transition? it looks the same to me, so they shouldn't have a problem actually eating it, but will it cause some sort of damage?

    should I just go and get some non-organic (aka special order) chick starter and mix that with the grower stuff? isn't that non-org chick starter usually medicated? won't that cause problems since my girls were vaccinated for marek's and coc?

    thanks for any advice,
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    There's a medicated and non-medicated version of almost every chick starter on the market. You can't find organic anything where I live. It should be fine to go ahead and start them on the grower.

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