Had great results last season with dry method in a 300+ egg bator! This year I,m building a finish b

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    My commercial rig has 3 tray that tip every 8 hrs ,had to fabricate 4 egg cradles. Now as daily
    duties caused me to open that bator at least twice a day causing a 15 degree temp drop.Took
    about twenty minutes to recover, hygrometer is inside so ? My question is actually a request
    for input!!! I've read up on "the dry Method" and 99% of it refers to small hobby units and of
    course I'm the 1% ! Now my first boggle is egg position in lock down,in the big one with multiple
    hatch dates I know humidity could have been much better regulated. Also my cradles are up
    or down, although the ratio improved dramatically I still had quite a few dead ones. Why do I see
    others on their side during lock down ? Also soon I''ll be hatching 50 every 7-10 days, the lock
    box is a huge igloo cooler I intend to put a peep hole thingy for house doors. Much is said re;
    lock down humidity ,really with air from the drain hole more humidity is a good thing ??? I'd
    Really appreciate advice from personal experience I did several hundred eggtopsys before I found
    BYC !!! All my life let my free rangers do their thing "natural selection" never even saw an bator.
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