Had my first chicken pass away.

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    May 19, 2014
    Wrexham, Wales GB
    Hi, yesterday morning I noticed one of my Poland was acting unusual, I have 7 chickens 3 warrens 2 Sussex and 2 Poland's.
    I wormed them 2 weeks ago. All seemed very healthy doing there usual thing.
    Yesterday I went to let them out their coop, all where fine and came out straight away. I went out to get a few bits as we had a wedding to attend yesterday, we where running real late, so just before leaving at around 12 mid day I quickly checked there food and water, and eggs, one of my Poland's was laying on the coop floor, I stroked her to see if she was ok, she didn't move. She was laying unusual, wings slightly raised and body puffed up. I picked her up, and she was breathing, I tried giving her some water but she didn't take any, at this point we had 30 mins to get to the wedding, so I placed her in the nest box, and just had to hope for the best. We got home at 10pm and she had died hadn't moved from where we left her. Is this usual she is approx 18 months old. She had a messy behind which I was cleaning up but was told it would sort it's self out after a moult. Is there anything I should keep an eye out for with the others?
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    Jul 14, 2014
    My condolences on the loss of your Polish chicken.
    If she showed signs of diarrhea than you may need to look into at least a few causes.
    From what I have been able to discern, many will think Coccidiosis as a possible cause.
    Internal parasite infestations could be another... the list does go on.
    I just lost a chick today, so I can empathize with you and I, too, have not been able to figure out an exact cause.
    You will definitely want to keep a close eye on the rest of your flock and do as much research as you can while you await others replies... beginning with the Forum links, Managing Your Flock and Diseases/Illness/Injury.
    You should including using the Advanced Search in the Forum Navigation bar above...you can find many related threads and posts that may be of help as well.
    Hopefully, the veterans with the expert knowledge and sage advice will get on here and point you in the right direction to hone in on a cause that will help you keep the rest of your flock intact and healthy.
    You may also consider, if it's not too late, to keep your Polish's body and have it examined by the appropriate experts to correctly pinpoint a cause of death.
    We here will wish the best for you and your flock during this challenging time and will look forward to any updates you will bring to the forefront.

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