Had my snowman costume dry-cleaned...

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  1. Spookwriter

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    Feb 23, 2010
    Don't remembe if it's 14 or 15 years old. One of my
    early handmade pieces. Had it a while.

    First time it really got dirty was this season. Even broke
    the zipper in it this time. So I had it cleaned and new zippers
    put in for a grand total of $22.00

    Looks brand new again. I love it, means a lot to me. With different
    accessories it goes from snowman (winter) to easter bunny to
    white halloween gorilla in cage with big gorilla eggs on a nest.

    I'm all about costumes. Never have enough. And always looking
    for new ideals. As a fire department, we have an entire building
    full of props. As an individual, we have a trailer full of props.

    Halloween is a big deal for me. I enjoy it, and I enjoy the art of
    making props. I need to have all my ideals soon to have new props
    ready by fall.

    How would you build a realistic looking suit of armor? I think I need
    a knight this year.

    And a complete new jail scene. I'm thinking to add a old-style paddy
    wagon. But still sort of open on the ideal. Once built, it may take a circus wagon paint job for the clowns. Those clowns scare people pretty good.

    But that shotgun loaded with blanks...when it goes off, it gets your
    attention pretty quick. I've seen grown people run screaming.

    We try to be bigger and better each time out, and that often includes
    working new props into the game. As a group, we haven't discussed if we'll do the cornfield this year or opt for the woods again. The woods were a brand new game and really enjoyed but to be at the top of our game, some of the props need to be reworked, enlarged to fit the space better.

    In the corn, the path is narrow...single file. In the woods, the path was wide...I mean wide. Some places, 12 foot or better. It was wild.

    Anyway, let me run a few ideals by this gang to what sort of props you think would be a success. Tell me what you would want to see. Even if it's not on my list, throw me your ideals...just keep it family friendly. We scare all ages.

    1. Pirate...probably a built dummy, free standing

    2. Caveman...scene with actual cave, fire, few bones..

    3. Knight...built dummy with large sword, free stander

    4. Moonshine still scene with hillbillys...2-3 people. Is you the rev-in-newer?

    5. Paddywagon jail scene...shotgun involved. Jail house. large scene.

    6. Arched bridge with troll underneath...comes out screaming

    7. Indian tepee scene...might be prop only. No live actor

    8. Back porch scene...porch swing, (our kids) as bloody bodys doing the murder scene, head in ringer washer stuff

    9. Sumo wrestler dummy...free stander

    10. wizard scene...smoke and mirror stuff. Think fire, puffs and color change

    11. fortune teller scene...crystal ball stuff...run,run, run stuff.

    12. morticain room, making dead heads...are you next?

    13. Big pieces of dynamite props leaned into the trees.

    14. Dead baby in baby swing, spiderwebbed up, swing genty in tree. Baby songs playing softly. Maybe a dead mommy laying there.

    15. Fairy tell stuff...gingerbread house, or the three little pigs (we have a stock of small children playhouses)

    16. Playground scene, swing and sandbox with a few dead kids playing. You approach, they jump up and run around.

    17. Burma-Shave halloween jingle signs in the path to light the way.

    18. New scarecrow scene...five/six scarecrows, only one live that will jump down and chase you. He may have a chainsaw or an ax...something you won't like.

    19. smoke machine path...instead of a fog in one spot, I will pipe it down both sides of the path for 20-30 foot to walk though as you approach the devil's fire. Make it come up waist high, every 5-6 feet. Can't be after the devil fire...people run hard from that point.

    20. Extra mask heads with lights inside at waist high to lit the dark parts of the path. Single battery LED light in each head. Some glow, some flicker.

    Okay, there's 20 random ideals to consider. Which ones would scare you? Or give me fresh ideals. I'm open here. A little more
    cold weather, so I can sit and plan. Soon as it warms up, I'll build things. Remember...not all props need to scare you. Some are to entertain, make you laugh.

    Before you scream.

    Spook....doing what a Spook is good at.


    Know that we will scare you. We work hard at it. And we've practiced for years.

    We will scare you. Some, very badly.

    But some scenes will make you laugh out loud. I know I posed several times for pictures with the people.

    Looking for the "trip" to take 25-30 minutes to walk through. You want your money's worth. Some of the props we used last year
    will be back, some won't. Always looking for that new ideal.
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  2. EmtheFishLady

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    Jan 13, 2011
    Glen, MS
    I remember some time ago, going to a haunted house themed like Alice in Wonderland...was it Halloween horror nights? That might have been it...but I do remember it was very spooky.

    Really considering making the trip to see it this year Spook...it sounds like it will be amazing.
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  3. redhen

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    May 19, 2008
    Western MA
    Spook, wish i lived by you.... you're an awesome character...[​IMG]
  4. featherfinder

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    Apr 16, 2011
    Pinallas Park, Florida
    The whole baby one would get to me. Actually at one of our halloween stores this past year they had like a rotating swing like you see at fairs but with the dead baby props swinging and some would talk and turn its head. It was a bit creepy. I couldnt walk past it lol. You could do like a nursury scene gone wrong. Have the dead babies with the mom or a nanny and them all around with creepy toys?
  5. spacecowgirl

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    Jul 30, 2011
    I also wish I lived closer to Spook. I would totally be there, along with all my friends and family...

    We do a neighborhood "Chop Shop" every year, which is pretty cool, but sounds really lame compared to Spook's!

    But here's my input: The baby in a swing and dead mother gave me chills just reading it!! That would totally creep me out.

    The back porch scene with the little kids are a close second, which leads me to the play ground scene with the dead kids...anything with dead or zombie children is scary.

    I also like the paddy wagon idea, the mortician room, and the moonshine hillbillies.

    But what would really scare the bejeezus out of me would be really colorful, crazily made-up clowns dancing around fairly close to the path but not too close, so that you would catch glimpses of them through the trees, and then they would be gone, and then a little later you would see them again....and they would always be looking at you when you caught a glimpse of them....shudder......

    My hubby dressed as the John Wayne Gacy clown last year, and even in bright daylight, before it got dark, every time I looked at him it totally freaked me out. He even had balloons....
  6. fuzziebutt

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    Mar 9, 2009
    I like the baby in the swing, swinging sweetly, alive, with a dead mommy laying just out of the baby's sight.
  7. Mattemma

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    Aug 12, 2009
    Ohio is big,but if you were close I would go as well.

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