Had no idea chicks were so sweet

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    Jun 20, 2008
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    I'm typing this out in the yard with my almost 6-week old chicks who are getting some free-range time after being in the brooder most of the day (I know, they're ready for the coop, but the coop isn't ready for them!). I'm lying on my stomach on the grass with the laptop. Saffron the RIR has just jumped onto my butt, and Yolanda the EE has plopped down beside me on my towel. They are so sweet! Bridget the Delaware still isn't very affectionate, but I have high hopes.

    About a month ago I posted a topic about being afraid of my 10-day old chicks, but boy, times have changed.

    I'm a little worried, though, that Saffron is a boy. But that's another topic.

    Just wanted to share. Thanks BYC!
  2. Camelot Farms

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    Aww! How sweet. Glad that you are enjoying your chicks!
  3. When I'm feeling a little blue I go hang out with my girls. They tell me tall stories until I laugh.
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    chickie therapy! Works every time! Always brings a smile to my face. [​IMG]

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