Had the most intersting experience at the petstore today...


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10 Years
Sep 24, 2010
I had a few extra Coturnix chicks and no one was buying, so an idea struck me. I gathered 2 up in a critter keeper and went on down to the local pet store with them. She loved them and asked me how much I wanted for them and how many I had. She had never seen a quail before, let alone raised them and she was very intrigued by them. I took one out and it sat on her hand fro a while as we talked about their care and what sort of cage they needed, etc. She told me to come back Wednesday with more.

Today I loaded up 4 Coturnix chicks and 3 extra button chicks as well as one adult button and Killer, my coturnix male and headed on down. I got Killer out and set him on her shoulder so she could pet him and see how big coturnix got and how calm they can be. Well, Killer got scared by something and flew all the way across the store. I tracked him down and explained to her that they can fly, but not like a regular bird. She loved Killer and kept trying to buy him from me, which I turned down.

Long story short, I sold 7 babies today and all the people in the store were very excited to see them. I printed her up a nice care sheet and told her where to purchase the feed for them. She was very interested in their proper care.

I have known her for a few years now and she is very responsible with her animals and they are all very healthy, unlike what is generally thought of when we think Pet Store.
That's good for you and the store, the only problem is people not knowing how to care for them. I would print off an information sheet for every two chicks you sell. That way the buyers are informed and know what to do. Plus it will help the feed store because it attracts business. A triple win there as long as people care for them properly. Great marketing skills.
Yea and sell for a whole lot more too lol
If it was at a feed store shouldnt they have the proper feed for them ?
ya, I wouldnt sell birds at a Pet Store. How well the birds are cared for at a Pet Store might not carry on to new owners who buy them because they are cute.

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