Had to assist last chick - neck crooked - need advice


6 Years
Feb 20, 2013
4 of my 7 hatched - 3 without problem but the 4th stalled - she broke a large hole but she couldn't break through. I waited a day and figured she was a goner anyway but she kept chirping and chirping so I helped her out. Everything was fine - no blood, yolk sac absorbed - I think the shell was just super thick and hard to break and she couldn't do it herself.

She's been out of the shell about an hour (she's back in the incubator now) but she can't seem to get out of her "egg" position. Her neck is curled under and she can't seem to get her feet under her. She's flopping around.

I guess I waited too long to help. It's like she was in the shell with her neck down too long and now she's stuck that way.

Should I do anything? Leave her in the incubator for awhile and see what happens?

Is this "wry neck"? Or something worse?

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