Had to call in a cruelty case I came across today

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by weesy68, Dec 4, 2010.

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    May 3, 2009
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    I have a little backyard flock, and had my broody silkies hatch two eggs this summer, we ended up with a rooster. I live in the burbs in CT and can't keep him, so went to a local farm to ask if they could take him. I had often seen roosters and hens wandering around free range among the horses. A man came out to take him from me (who didn't speak English I should add), he gestured that he was taking him to a coop around the side of the main building. This farm provides 'fresh' meat, they keep pigs, sheep, chickens and cart horses for showing. We followed him, and watched him throw our rooster into this coop that was just horrific. There were four dead birds laying among the others, one picked completely clean, no food available whatsover, almost every live bird hunched up, shuddering with eyes closed, sitting in years worth of feces. I waited until the farm hand walked away, they jumped right in there and pulled my rooster out. He eventually went to another farm in the area, with far better conditions that I found later in the day. I went home and immediately called the animal shelter that covers this farm,on the Orange/Woodbridge border, and later drove over there and gave them a written report. You hear of animals kept this way, but to witness it first hand is just heartbreaking. The shelter said they've already removed a dog from the premises, and intend to do a complete inspection, as I'm not the only one to complain apparently. I hope they remove every animal from the property.
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    Good for you! [​IMG] I hope everyone who reads this follows your example. If we turn a blind eye to animal cruelty, we are part of the problem.
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    Why would he take the animal if he wasn't going to see it was taken care of???

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    Sheesh! Glad you pulled your rooster out of that! [​IMG]
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    May 3, 2009
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    I was initially under the impression it was a good farm, due to the fairly healthy looking free range birds. From what I could gather from the farmhand (I understand a little Spanish), all the free rangers are escapees from the coop. The guy in the main office said, "Sure, we'll take him", and was pleasant enough, but looking back on it thank goodness I followed all the way through and didn't just let him take my rooster without checking where he was actually going. I was simply stunned when I saw the coop, it was hidden around the side of the building so not immediately obvious. He ended up at Wells Hollow Farm in Shelton, where he'll free range among the cattle and other livestock, I asked to go in the barn and see where he was being taken, their conditions were a hundred times better.
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    Quote:wow , i always say theres a reason for everything. there was a reason you went there. glad you did. [​IMG]
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    kudos to you - If everybody followed your lead then maybe there wouldn't be situations like the one you encountered.
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    Quote:Amen! [​IMG]
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    I'm very glad you reported them and rescued your rooster. Well done!

    But I think it may be a good idea to delete the actual name of the farm from your original post and ask a moderator to edit it out of the later quote. People sue over the craziest things these days, and anything you post is available for the world to see, not just BYC members. That farm has a website - it wouldn't be difficult for them to find your post.

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