Had to cull my first chick this morning. :( :( :(


8 Years
Feb 2, 2011
Middle GA
Poor baby had horribly deformed feet. Like missing toes and could only waddle around on its stumps. I knew I had to do it.

I chose the sharp scissors, hold over trash can, turn head and snip method.
I used more force than was actually necessary, it seemed so easy. So I FREAKED when the garbage bag started moving a few seconds after my snip and drop. I wish someone had reminded me that baby chicks are still chickens and will "wiggle" after the deed is done. Digging through the bottom of the can to make sure I didn't just hurt it worse, I ran across a site I didn't want to see.
At least I know that the baby went lightning fast.

That sucked.
I am sorry. It's never easy, but you did what was right for the chick. And IMO the method you chose was the quickest, most peaceful method for the chick.
I think I am facing a similar situation with 2 silkies youngsters....their toes are horribly curled and they are walking on the sides of them. I am trying little shoes first to give them a chance but....just not sure.

We lost a chick last week. I thought I was going to have to cull her and wasn't looking forward to it. I got off easy.
Now they're on that great roost in the sky with the almighty rooster watching over them as they peck and scratch for delicious goodness.

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