Had To Cull Our Rooster Today.........1st time :(


11 Years
Feb 26, 2008
We had to cull our rooster today. He had something wrong with his leg. This was a reoccuring problem and was getting worse with each episode. The last couple of days he wouldn't even get up at all. We know he had to be hurting to not get up all day. When he did get up, it was painful to watch. While we are sad, it was worse to watch him suffer. Just had to share......I know all you BYC'ers can understand.


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11 Years
Aug 25, 2008
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We have been keeping our fingers crossed. We just got our 6 pullets/hens and roo about 6 weeks ago, and then added the babies 4 weeks ago. No problems yet. Nothing at all wrong with any of them, their behavior is normal, and they are laying. Adding the babies next to them hasn't affected their laying at all. Maybe we are just blessed in this area. I really am sorry you had to do that, but you are right. Better to put them out of their misery. Find another roo, and pick one that tickles you, not just to get one.

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