Had to cull, she had Mareks =( We are so sad!

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    A few weeks ago one of our pullets come to us with a broken leg one morning. We put her in a sling, and let it heal. She started standing on it, and doing better. Then about a week or so ago she started not standing on it again. Then her "good leg" developed a twitch. Then yesterday she went with one leg forward, one leg back. She started having these fits like seizures. So we did some research, and even her eyes fit the description. [​IMG]

    We bought her from a farm store that gets their chicks from a well known hatchery that people on here use. (so we won't mention names) We know they vaccinate, but then found out that the vaccine is only 90% effective. Since she's been in the house for the last month or so, and we've had no more birds come down sick we're pretty confident that we may have gotten this before it got to our flock!

    So RIP LIL RED! [​IMG]
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    Oooh, I'm so sorry

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