Had to Dispatch Silkie this morning :_(

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    Jul 11, 2011
    So I have a flock of 5 and added one silke a month ago which in retrospect was a mistake. I had no idea that adding one bird to the flock would make her a target. In hindsight it feels like such a stupid mistake- a true "What were you thinking?!" type of feeling. The guy I bought her from overcharged me and his coop and run were a disgrace. I should have walked away as soon as I saw it but I wanted the silkie and it was an hour drive. Once I got her home she was lethargic and sneezy. I inspected her further to find mites, lice and a couple open wounds. Also her toes looked like they had been broken or she was raised on a wire floor which I did not see when I transported her from his disgusting cat carrier to mine.

    All this being said- she was instantly pecked bloody by the other hens. I seperated her not wanting her to infect the others, gave her medicine and electrolytes and dusted her with food grade DE daily. She roosted alone, slept all day but ate and drank water so I felt that there was hope. Then this morning when I woke up it looked like she had been in a fight but she had been alone all night. Her feathers were gone from her head, the wheezing was worse and there was bloody discharge from her eyes. I had enough and felt that it was an appropriate time to dispatch her which I did quickly and humanely.

    I have not killed a chicken before and it feels bad. I know that by relieveing her suffering and allowing her to shed that fluffy coil she is in a better place but it has awoken a piece of me that asks why it was so hard and where my food comes from in general. Just feeling down from all this and hoped that there were some people on here that might help me to feel better.

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    So sorry to hear about that poor Silkie and what you've been through with her. [​IMG] Even when it's the best thing for them, taking a life isn't easy. [​IMG]

    As with anything, though it is sometimes hard to see, there are a lot of lessons to be learned.

    First, ALWAYS quarantine any new birds. A minimum of 30 days. That bird sounds like she was SICK...now you have to hope she didn't pass anything on to your birds.

    Second, if you get that "this isn't right feeling" about a place...believe it! Unless you're there to rescue an animal from a miserable existence, listen to your gut and don't bring home animals kept in poor conditions. In fact, maybe report them to Animal Control.

    Third, I would sanitize anything she used, where you kept her and even your original coop. Lord knows what she brought with her. And check your birds for lice now and then again in 10 days when eggs could be hatching.

    And Fourth, a healthy chicken doesn't sleep all day. They are active, scratching, preening and responsive to sights and sounds. Read, read and read...familiarize yourself with symptoms of disease and let this little Silkie be your teacher. Her life would not have been in vain then.

    There are so many wonderful Silkie breeders here on BYC. Maybe contact one of them if their local or try your hand at hatching eggs.

    Wishing you happier times with your chickens. [​IMG]
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    Quote:A tough lesson for you Frank. Sorry you had to put her down, but it was best. Let's hope she didnt pass something to your other birds...I wish you the best. Good luck.
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    Jul 11, 2011
    Thank you so much. I feel better and just like everything else- it will pass.
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    That is hard [​IMG]

    [​IMG] for your flock.

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