Had to divide the coop - stupid roos

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    Dec 4, 2008
    My flock of has enjoyed an indoor pen that is 24X20 and 3.5 acres outside. They spent most of their time in the barn breezeway and scratching under the rabbit cages which was in another 24X20 space. Needless to say they are spoiled chickens. Sadly, my two roos deicded they couldn't get along anymore. My smaller Hamburg began challenging the Orpington. That was like watching a pro wrestler being challenged by a 95 pound weakling...sooooo time to divide the coop up in to separate pens. The Hamburg is now enjoying is own 12 1/2 X 9 1/2 space with his four Hamburg hens. I am going to close off the other side making another pen the same size and put my broody & her 5 week old chicks in it until they can go back in with the main Orpington flock. The two roos grew up together and have shared the pen and 31 hens for the entire time. Silly roo probably heard me talking about making breeding pens and figured he better act quick before one of the other roos got it first. I have two other roos in another area with their hens and they get along great! They roost together, eat together, and live very civil lives.

    Anyway, sectioning off those pens was so easy I am going to do the same thing to the other pen. It is also a 20X24 so if I can get three total pen out of it like the first one I could add a grow out pen and still have one pen leftover for more chickens! I want to divide up the breeds so I can hatch out some purebreds this year. I figure each pen can rotate who gets to be outside so they all still get a chance to chase bugs, explore, and get in to trouble. I hate them being separated and having to rotate who gets to be outside, but I don't see another option if I want to keep both of those roos. They are both good to the hens, respect humans, and don't make much noise so I don't really want to rehome (or eat) either of them.

    I used 4 foot tall chainlink on the bottom and chicken wire above that to the ceiling. Tomorrow I am going to run chicken wire along the bottom of the chainlink to keep the roos from fighting through the fence and keep babies that may grow out in one of the pens from escaping. After that I have to reposition the waterers and heat lamp that keeps them from freezing. I'm hoping the one lamp can still keep all three watering areas from freezing over. That roo is lucky I like him. [​IMG]
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    Roos....What to do with them. I have the same problem, I have 3 silkie roos living together, then this fall 2 of them decided to challage one another. They have settled their differences for now but I am building another coop/shed this spring and dividing up the outside yard.

    I'm happy to hear you love your roo enough to go to all the extra work.
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    Post some pictures when you are done! I am interested in doing something like that with my chickens this spring!

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