had to move new chicks and broody


7 Years
Apr 22, 2012
I had to move my chicks (three) and broody yesterday. the chicks hatched either may 11 or 12. the were in the coop of the chicken tractor on the 12th, dry and happy. yesterday I woke up to major rain, weatherman said we got between 2 and three inches. when I walked the dog I saw the chicks were on the ground with the mama. they looked alright but it was raining. I kept an eye on them, they stayed under the mom but I also saw that they had gotten wet, not soaked but still enough to worry me. I have an above ground coop that I had bantams in several years ago so I cleaned it out, sprayed with clorex water and the captured the broody and chicks and put them in the above ground coop. it did not seem to bother them. they have food and water (medicated food) and a nesting box, made yesterday. the hen is a cornish hen, the dad is a game rooster( I was told). I have three hens, a red star, a silver laced wyanette and the cornish hen. the chicks look like the pictures of cornish chickens from the murry mcmurphy website. I was afraid the chicks would get hypothermia yesterday when they were wet. they had gone down the ramp to get to the ground I guess to be with the hen but they look good today without problems.

All's well that ends well

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