Had to re-home roosters, now my hens are acting weird


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Aug 27, 2013
Southern California
I am a first time chicken owner. We started with four chickens, two of which turned out to be roosters so we had to re-home them yesterday morning. Ever since, my buff orpington hen is acting weird. Making loud clucking noises and puffing out her feathers. The worst behavior is that she's started picking on the other hen (a silkie). When the silkie tries to come out of the coop, the buff will run as fast as she can toward the silkie and peck at her. It's clear that she doesn't want the silkie to come out of the coop. Basically, my buff has all of a sudden become a big, noisy bully! It's only been 24 hours since we re-homed the roosters so I'm hoping this is some sort of a temporary behavior. This morning, the buff woke us up with very loud clucking noises - unusual for her. Just when I thought we'd get some sleep now that we don't have early morning crowing.

Is this normal for our situation (having just removed roosters from the coop). Does anyone have suggestions as to what to do or do we just see what happens and hope this is some sort of adjustment period. Not sure what to make of this. Thank you!

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