HAHA! And you don't think they will outsmart you?


10 Years
Sep 9, 2009
Lake Butler (Union County)
I forgotten that I had a rabbit cage not being used out in the barn so tonight I ran outside (in the cold, grass is wet, in shorts and no shoes!) to get it. I cleaned it up in the bathtub and set it up in the dinning room to use as a brooder instead of using a cardboard box. Well, the bars were kinda wide spaced but I didn't think that they were wide enough for a chick to get through! OH BOY WAS I WRONG!!!!!! I went to check on them after 15 minutes of leaving them alone and I had 5 little chicks out of the cage running around the dining room!! It was fun to watch but I gathered them all up and put them back in the cage. This time I cut up the card board box and taped it to the bottom part of the cage. Just high enough to equal their height! LOL, smart chicks.

Chickn chick 46

10 Years
May 22, 2009
For chickens, the grass seems to always be greener on the other side.

It's amazing the spaces they can squeeze themselves through. Would have been funny to see who the instigator was

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