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    Jun 21, 2011
    So my in-laws are being seriously rediculous right now an making up all these house rules... one being no eating after 9pm (I have to eat constently! Im only 95lbs for heavens sake!) and another, of what seemed like probably 100 rules, was the heat is not allowed to be turned up past 68*F in the winter... our room is over a garage so our room is either colder or hotter then the rest of the house.. well in the winter with the thermostat turned to 68*... its 52* in our room and we have my 1 year old daughter who sleeps with us (since a gun room is more important that her having her own room) Mine as well just sleep outside in the snow!!! well ANOTHER rule was I have to get rid of all of my chickens except my Jersey Giants (because they lay eggs).. so I have to get rid of all of my Serama an the rest of my Bantams... well thats fine! Talked to my father tonight in tears and he tells me I can take my Serama there an he'll build me my dream coop! so HA! I win anyways [​IMG]
    Oh an they arent using my Jersey Giant eggs for themselves either! My birds, My eggs! [​IMG]

    So here are the coop plans.. Something simple!
    the run is 12ft long by 12ft wide and 6 foot high that will be sectioned off in 3ft wide runs, the coop area 4ft long by 4ft high and 3ft wide
    There will be 2ft run space below the coop where shade and food an water will be kept. An access door will be placed under the coop so I can change the food an water an in case I need to grab something from the coop I can just crawl through the access door. There will be an access door on the back of the coop so I can just reach in an grab the eggs when they start to lay. in the run there will be natural limbs off of a tree for roosts as well as a step roost in the coop. Now I know this isnt very big but this was planned out for only pairs and maybe 1 or 2 trios.. so there isnt many birds going in it. I also made it to scale using the CM part of the ruler.. so 12cm on paper is 12ft on ground [​IMG]
    On the picture below, the 1st scetch is the side veiw of what it will look like when standing beside it and the scetch below it is an aerial view!!


    btw please forgive me if I put this in the wrong place.. I random rambled and put a coop design in the same post..

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    Sounds like the best way to fix the problems is you move into your own place, then you can pay your own electricity bill for heat and air, and you can eat only your chicken eggs any time of the day or night you want to! And you can pay for your daughter a room of her own as well! Sorry if this is harsh, but appreciation for people's help, even if you aren't allowed the run of the place, is a sign of maturity.
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    May 3, 2009
    New Jersey
    Time to move. Life with the in laws is a hard row to hoe.
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    I don't think we know enough about the poster's location to make a decision that she's being ungrateful, to be honest.

    If I had to move in with my ex-in laws for financial reasons and I was paying rent, contributing to the food bill, and all that... and they laid those kinds of rules on me, I would think I'd have the right to be legitimately upset. That's not a handout, that's a hand-up, and I'd be contributing my part. Also, when I lived with my parents and paid rent while getting my act together, I bought my own food and they didn't eat my food. They bought their own food. I offered my food freely, and they offered theirs, but it was with the understanding that I had to ask (and vice versa). Therefore when my hens laid eggs, my parents didn't assume they were breakfast (because I paid for their feed, upkeep, etc).

    Fair is fair all the way around. Without knowing the situation, it is not our place to pass judgment (actually, it's never our place to pass judgment, Someone Else has that responsibility).

    If she's getting everything for free, the phrase used around here is "put on your big girl unders and deal with it".
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    Jun 21, 2011
    Quote:We're only going off my Husband's income while im in college but we're going to see if we can go for housing assistance tomorrow since I am in school an he's the only one working just so we can get out of here sooner. I mean we still take care of our daughter by ourselves without their help aside from watching her while she's napping so we can go to the store.. besides that they dont raise her, just "helping" us by putting a roof over our heads.. If my parent's house was big enough we would move there but its only a 2 br house..

  6. I really hope that you have one he** of a good reason for living with in-laws. Its sounds as if you are already off to a bad start, so, from experience, IT WILL GET WORSE, and you will be the bad guy. Get your own place ASAP. If your dad can coop your Seremas, why not the JG also? If your inlaws are footing the bill for you being there, then their house, their rules... If you are paying rent, and part of the bills, then I can see where you'd be upset about the heat thing...

    I have that problem in this house I bought. I have 2 rooms over the garage, and 1 in a walk out basement. The heat SUCKS here. The house was built using baseboard electric heaters. Those heaters have been taken out and a regular furnace put in, but the idiots who did the duct work did it southern style and put them in the wrong places, the ceiling instead of the floor, so very cold bed rooms... Warm kitch and living but the bed rooms... SO, I suck up the extra electricity cost to warm those rooms with space heaters. I use energy effecient ones thou, and only turn on when sleeping in there. They have thermostats and go on and off to maintain temps. About 64 in the basement room and 66 in the upstairs beds, thats sufficient. My electric bill only goes up about 30 a month. 10 per heater. SO, pay the additional electric cost. If you need to have your kid in her own room, by a chinese screen, or a dressing screen and put it between her bed and yours.

    Take some advice here... I have been there... GRIN AND FAKE IT! You're not in a win situation and there will always be a thumb on your "doodles" while you are there. Just grin and bear it and follow the rules. Share the eggs. You will be the bigger person for it.

    Edited to add... I am single mom. 1 income. No child support. I do not make a lot of money. I get by. Priorities. Its all about priorities. Oh, And I do not get assistance, even thou I qualify for both food and cash. I don't cuz I live frugal, with in my means... I deliver papers for a living. Thats not alot of money. But it is enough to keep my kids fed, housed, clothed, and my birds fed and housed. And we grow our own produce in during the growing season.
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    Jun 21, 2011
    Quote:We're paying the Utilities an the car insurance on their Durango since my Neon's trans went out 2 weeks ago.
    as for the Jerseys, Their coop is going to have to come at a later time when we can round up more wood (DH gets it from his work)
    Im sure my parents wont care if we take them there also.. My dad loves my Jersey roo (as does everyone else but my MIL)..
    An it has gotten worse. I actually found out that they printed out my entire FB wall!! They have snooped around in MY car (the Neon) and found our marriage license and my car insurance papers!! their crazy!
  8. Yeah, not good. I hope that you and your husband are on the same page... My inlaws actually helped the destruction of my marriage. He didn't ever want to tell them to bite it. It was his parents, he couldn't... BS. Have you looked on craigslist? Maybe some one has a trailer home you can get for cheap. My sister got one for 6 grand, and is making payments on it on land contract... Worth a shot. And if your dad and hubby are handy with a hammer you can fix most issues... Good luck honey, your gonna need it as long as you are there. Lock up an personal items... OH, and get a different face book page... HEHEE. My neice has one for jerk people who make issues, and one for friends and family who don't....
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    Jun 21, 2011
    Quote:not yet. I didnt even think of looking of CL!
    an I've actually made a separate FB page an blocked them on it... stupid I had to do that..

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    Theres always 2 sides to a story... yours, theirs, and the truth.
    OOh wait... thats 3 sides... [​IMG]

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