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    A biologist developed a race of genetically engineered dolphins that could live forever if they were fed a steady diet of gulls. One day his supply of the birds ran out so he had to go out and trap some more. On the way back he spied two lions asleep on the road. Afraid to wake them he gingerly stepped over them. At once he was arrested and charged with transporting gulls across sedate lions for immortal porpoises.
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    groan...... [​IMG]
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    This one stunk when you posted it on FB
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    i admit it...i chuckled a little...[​IMG]
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    Its late, I'm up way past my bed time, I may even be a little delirious, but.......................

    it was funny [​IMG]
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    Quote:[​IMG] You aren't supposed to be following my stupid jokes around the internet!
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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