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Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by Royd, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. Royd

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    I had a dream a while back, where several people were sitting around a table. We started making up a limerick, and after the second line, I woke up, and had to finish it and write it down, so that I wouldn't forget it....I posted it, later, on Facebook.

    I thought it might be a fun thread to post your own poetry.
    The only rules are that it is your own and it has to have some kind of required structure.

    Let any critique be helpful. Poetry is a massive subject.

    Here's mine:

    There once was a lady from Trent
    Who thought that she'd like to repent
    On the way to the priest
    Ran into police
    Now, thirty days in the whoscow she's spent.
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    Oh poetry! I love writing poetry. In my senior year of high school I studied it. I have a somewhat large collection.... [​IMG]

    I love that limerick, Royd. I've never attempted one myself, though. [​IMG]

    Here's one of my favorites...

    To the Unseen Tear

    Stay now, thou unseen tear;
    Slip silent down her cheek.
    Make no sound and disappear
    To sad and lonely night.

    Slip silent down her cheek,
    The cheek that feels no joy.
    This sore heart has ne’er been free
    Of sadness, tears, and grief.

    Make no sound, be silent -
    Let not the whole world know.
    Still she bears no resentment
    Toward her fellow man.

    The sad and lonely night
    Keeps secrets sad and true.
    Secrets that ne’er see daylight,
    And tears that hide their steps.

    Go now, thou unseen tear;
    Wet cheek that feels no joy.
    Let not the whole world come here;
    Keep secret what you hide.
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  3. Royd

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    May 31, 2009
    Middleburg, Fl.
    Absolutely beautiful!
  4. Opa

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    May 11, 2008
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    I've posted this a couple of years ago for a poetry competion on BYC that fizzled. While it was several years ago that I wrote this I feel the message is still relevant even today.

    Title: Camelot Forgotten
    Type of poem: Free verse
    Inspiration: Many years of living

    A knight woke late one morning,
    and felt that he was cold.
    He stumbled to his mirror
    and discovered he was old.

    As he rode to face the dragon
    he found to his dismay,
    his once dark powerful charger
    was now half lame and gray.

    His arms felt tired and heavy
    as he fought the dreadful beast,
    and he wondered if he'd win the battle,
    or on him would the dragon feast.

    He swung his sword with all his might,
    but the melee raged til almost night.
    When at last the day was o'er
    and he had the battle won,
    he knew that he was finished,
    he knew his quests were done.

    As he limped home late that evening,
    with sword dragging in the dust,
    he knew his shining armor
    would soon be a suit of rust.

    Why the knight was so badly battered,
    why his armor has lost its gleam,
    is that those for whom he fought the dragons
    have forgotten how to dream.

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