Haines City, Florida ordinances.

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    Well, I was unceremoniously served a summons for a hearing concerning my chicken flock of 5 hens and 1 rooster which I had in Haines City Fl. city limits for 2 years up until the point of the summons. The code enforcer didn't even bother to give me a preliminary notice/post telling me I was in violation or give me any grace period in which to take care of the issue, just straight to a hearing 3 weeks from the summons sending date. We were not in violation as per city bylaws that we were able to find since we located our chicken run and coop more than 100 yards from any residences. When we contacted the code enforcer via phone he realized we weren't in violation on the distance requirement but then quoted some obscure city bylaw stating chickens couldn't be kept on any property less than 300 acres. I looked online and was unable to find the law he was quoting and he didn't tell us which law it was or where to look it up or give us a copy of it. Consequently I believe the code enforcer is lying concerning the 300 acre law since I have seen many chicken flocks well within city limits on less than 2 acres of property. But since one of our neighbors obviously complained we removed our flock to a friends farm out on county land. Thankfully since we removed the flock the hearing was cancelled. So for anyone wondering what the law concerning poultry in Haines City, Florida is, it's no chickens or any type of farm poultry within city limits no exceptions unless you have 300 acres or more within city limits and you can locate your contained flock more than 100 yards from any residences. So I'm confused, is it the 300 acres law or the 100 yards law? Something fishy is going on in Haines City, Fl. I'm not a happy camper here but at least I was able to find a good home for my flock. If anyone tells you Haines City Fl. law allows a flock of 6 or less chickens, which we were initially told, don't believe them because they are lying to you.[​IMG] The Haines Cit, Fl. ordinance in case you were wondering >>>> http://hainescity.elaws.us/code/coor_ptii_ch5_sec5-2

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    How maddening! The 100 yard rule is pretty standard. the 300 acre thing is a ridiculous fabrication. You could fight it but thanks to your neighbor, it would probably always be a source of contention. [​IMG]

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