Hair dye in the house with chicks

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  1. Ok so, I want (read desperately NEED) to dye my hair, but I have a brooder and an incubator full of chicks, as well as chicks actively hatching in my house. My place is very small, around 750 sq ft and I'm wondering if I am going to kill all my new chickies if I expose them to that ammonia smell?
    I know birds are sensitive to harsh cleaners etc. so figured I would ask around to find out the popular opinion on this subject.
    Thanks in advance!

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    I would think that as long as you are doing it in a seperate room, the chick's would be fine. If you are really worried you could cracked a couple windows.
  3. That's where the problem lies! I couldn't get more than 15 feet away from either the brooder or the incubator without just locking myself into my 5' bathroom... Ugh! Looks like I'll just be super grey for another two weeks until they're in the outside brooder :p

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