hairline crack and odd spot, to set or not


9 Years
Apr 2, 2010
Sullivan, IL
I'm so excited! I just got my hatching eggs this afternoon from the mailman. They were well packed, but when candling I did notice that one had a tiny crack in the shell. After knowing it was there, I could see it, although not well, in regular room lighting. I have marked the egg so that I remember which one it is when the eggs are done settling and I go to set them. Has anyone ever had any luck hatching an egg with a small crack? My gut says to just pull this one out and throw it in with the eating eggs, but it seems like such a shame.

Also, one of the other eggs had a small dark spot near the yolk when I candled. I'm guessing this is something like a "meat spot" that sometimes happens in eggs. My question is whether or not this would affect fertility/hatchability of the egg?
Never set an egg with a crack they can explode in the bator and ruin all your other eggs I would not chance it. I would however set the one with the spot and mark it with a pencil so you remember which one it is and when you candle it again after being in bator look extra hard to make sure it is developing ok
Thanks, that's pretty much where I was headed with the cracked egg anyway. Like I said, it seems like a shame to eat a hatching egg, but I know that shipped eggs often struggle to develop in the first place and cracked eggs are risky even if they aren't shipped so I figured the combination wasn't good.
I've set eggs with cracks and have had them hatch fine. If the membrane is intact give it a shot but keep an eye on it. It's it starts to weep or leak take it out.

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