Hairy mold


Apr 4, 2019
Miami Florida
Five week old chicks are in the aviary with 25 week olds so I set up an area where they can go hide if need. The chick’s food and water is in the protected area. They kept getting dirt, leafs, etc in the water so I placed a piece of plywood under the water. Today I looked under the plywood and found it full of a hairy brown mold. Should I remove all the leaves, twigs, and the top layer of dirt from the aviary and disinfect it ?
Well, I would definitely clean it out well. What are you thinking of using to disinfect? You have probably figured out that putting the plywood on a couple bricks or other blocks would work better. I have cleaned out moldy food, in an area I didn't realize was leaking rain water, before and didn't disinfect. Then I didn't put food there again. It was okay because my chickens had 3 other feed stations, and the mold was under the feeder, not in it. So I didn't see a need to disinfect, just to clean it out. I think if you do, perhaps using something like vinegar would be best for the job. Just mho.

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