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    Here are some of my half aprons. I am working on a line of egg collecting aprons next week. I do a little bit of everything in my cooking/home aprons. I aim for fun and flirty, but functional. These can be used, washed, used some more. I have double turned the outer edges, the waist and ties are doubled to prevent fraying. There are no shortcuts taken with my aprons. I use different colors of thread to add to the character of each apron. I even have a couple of Rockabilly aprons. Working on full aprons soon. I mail off within 2 days of receiving trade or payment. I do have paypal. Shipping is included in my apron prices. I can also do part trade/part cash.

    Trade list-

    Mini voice recorder-working please

    Eggs for hatching- Blue, darker green, pink, dark brown,Turken (want some different colored than what I have, I have brown turkens, would love some white ones or something different) Tempt me.

    Duck eggs or goose eggs (no pekin ducks or skittish breeds please)

    Illinois bird book, color pics for identifying birds of Illinois

    Butterfly handbook-something nice and thick, lots of pics and information

    Simple Soldered Jewelry and Accessories by Lisa Bluhm (book)

    20 gauge sterling silver wire

    14/16 gauge sterling silver wire

    Nature inspired items for my home (pics please, I am not overly picky, but I am somewhat choosy, lol) I do not like gold at all.

    Tumbles stones

    Incubator , working, I am addicted to hatching and could use a second one, lol.

    Photoshop Elements 5 for Dummies Book

    Epoxy resin

    Fairy fabric (not Tinkerbell)

    Jelly Rolls (fabric, not food)

    Try me. I do a little bit of everything here. The worst I can say is no. I am pretty easy to please. Make me an offer and Ill accept or counter offer. I work hard on these aprons and go for quality in my workmanship.
    Here is a link to my apronsÂ….

    I chose to link so those with slower computers wouldnt have to deal with all the pics. Just click on a apron to get a larger view. Thanks so much...

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