Half Blind Guinea: Ok to raise him with Silkies?

Discussion in 'Guinea Fowl' started by Catwmn, Jan 17, 2013.

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    We purchased some slate guinea keets from a breeder back in October. I ordered seven of them and they arrived in excellent health and good condition. I raised them until 8 weeks old in a very large dog crate. Once they were old enough to be outside i moved them to an enclosed pen. Sometime during one of the nights one of them got pecked in the eyeball really bad. It has caused the eye to sink in and he has lost all vision in that side. We tried to leave him with the rest of the flock but they incessantly picked on him and I was worried that due to his vision problems he would be easy pickins for a predator.

    So, we put him in a pen by himself and he was miserable. He was lonely, alarmed all the time and constantly paced the sides of the fence.

    I got the bright idea to give him some buddies that I knew he would't be picked on by. We had ten silkies that were coming up on ten weeks old that needed to be moved from the brooder to somewhere else and so I put them in with the guinea.

    The results have been great. He now has friends, does not pace nearly as much as he used to, and I have seen him mixed in with the pile of silkies at night to sleep for warmth. It really is a sweet thing to see.

    Something else happened I did not expect. His total personality has changed. I have never had a guinea that I could pet or pick up before but he is so calm now that I can pet him and pick him up and hold him.

    My question is this. Since he is male am I going to have issues once he reaches breeding age? Will he try to mate with my silkies? Should I add a guinea hen in with him so he can have someone to mate with of his own species?


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    Wow. Congrats on your success! I can't answer about how his behavior will be when he matures, but I would get him a female either way.

    But my opinion is, if I'm going to be confined, I'd much rather it be with Robert Downey, Jr. than Angelina Jolie - blind or not!

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