half grown Marans- Can you tell the gender?

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I found this ad on craigslist


Marans Chickens - half grown - $12 (Desert Hot Springs)
It stated: "More than half way grown and could be laying in a couple of months. These are from my Black Copper Marans hens and Golden Cuckoo Marans Rooster pen.
$12./ea. They are very mellow chickens to have around, even the roos. "

So I emailed the lady asking if she had any pullets for sale from the group since I legally can't have any roosters.

She replied "I still have some chickens available, however I'm selling them straight run meaning I have no idea what sex they are yet.
I couldn't even tell with my Copper Blacks when they were 5 months, let alone 2.5 to 3 months"

Is it true; it is still not possible to tell gender at 2.5-3 months age with this breed/ breed cross?

It would be a 3 hour drive+ traffic, and I would hate go all the way out there to be duped into taking a rooster because that was all she really is letting people take and calling them "straight run." The price was really cheap incomparison to what see listed here at BYC in other parts of the country, therefore, I guess I am a little suspecious.

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I see a LOT of roos right up front if they are only 2.5-3 months. I have 5-6 month olds(pullets) that have no comb still and not red. Unfortunately many people do this to get rid of their extra roos, I have found they might throw a pullet or 2 to look like you can get some, but usually they are 90% cockerals.
If she breeds them, she can tell the gender.....IMO
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