Hallelujah chickens


Apr 20, 2017
My Coop
My Coop
The other night I heard coyotes howling really close by, :eek:so I searched high and low looking for a radio to no avail, to hopefully keep the coys at bay. Finally I remembered we have two old cell phones, so I charged them up, set one on YouTube in the nesting box that's blocked off, and one in the kitchen window. The one in the coop was playing Pastor Charles Lawson who is a preacher and boy can he preach! The cell phone in the window had the Audio of the King James Bible playing. Well let me tell you, when I let those chickens and ducks out this morning they came flying out of their coop with their little ole wings raised up to heaven and praising the Lord.. They were quacking and chirping, praises.:wee lol Well I bet if they understood all they heard and how protected they were they truly would have been. Been doing this for over a week now with a giant led spot light too.. So far so good. 3 locks on every opening. Fabric cloth out over 12" all around the pen too.. I'm truly not the crazy chicken lady, just a mother hen

Let every thing that hath breath praise the LORD. Praise ye the LORD. Psalm 150:6

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