Halloween decorations


11 Years
Jan 10, 2010
Vacationland, Maine
This is my first year with chickens. I decided yesterday to try and make my coop festive (although I never did get big copies of the Betty Crocker or Martha Stewart genes).

Here is a picture of my favorite chicken, Hoppy, standing proud in front of the coop decorations. She's probably laughing to herself thinking "silly human has no idea that pumpkin is on the menu for tomorrow."


Mine's probably the worst decorations around, so show yours!
I was in the store thisclose to purchasing a mum for the coop stairs when I remembered that those bottomless pit monsters would probably have the mum eaten within 20 minutes flat, and then be dustbathing in the remains.

So far they've only knocked the pumpkins off the porch (after all, that's where we sunbathe, Mom) a few times. They're probably saving the feast for when I'm not expecting it.
omg!!! love your chicken!! i have the exact same chicken!! out of all my chickens, funny thats my favorite too!!
Those speckled sussex sure do have personality. I originally thought it was because she had to brood by herself for the first 2 weeks (broken leg from shipping) and that she became imprinted on me, but I think it's just the breed. She walks me to the mailbox and back, is always begging for treats (jumps too) and is constantly devising plans to get in the house.

The good news is the pumpkins appear to be surviving!

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