Halloween Treat ideas.

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    The the passage of Halloween, those pumpkins that didn't make the cut as Jack-o-Lanterns work great as treats for your chickens. My birds love the pulp and the seeds, but not the rind. Be sure to cut them up before giving them to your birds. I have a guy down the road that raises a huge number of pie pumpkins every year, and I usually stop in November and get what he hasn't sold. Help make the yolks prettier too!

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    I gave my flock some hard crusty Italian bread, cut up in cubes and soaked in buttermilk. THEY WENT WILD for it. To wash it down, I offered them, in a separate bowl---some warm home made apple cider --not full strength but diluted with water. They didn't even know I was thinking about boosting their 'flora' on this chilly Halloween evening. All is well in the chicken house. [​IMG]
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    6-week-old munchkins got pumpkin pulp tonight!!!!! They loved it!!! Candy Raid!!!!!
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