Halo and Nivtups eggs and seramas and sizzles


14 Years
Jul 17, 2008
DC Region
All go in tomorrow now that they are all here! YAY.

They'll go in cartons at first - each box of shipped eggs had ONE cracked one in it. Sadly the GCM egg was much more badly cracked and will probably not be viable at all. Halo's egg crack was much less profound, so I waxed both and will hope. The cracked eggs going into Darthbator for more careful handling.

Billy gave me a BUNCH more serama eggs for more hatching practice LOL the last batch was 25, haven't counted this group of eggs yet, LOL.

And I've been gathering Sizzle eggs from my blue sizzle to run with these as well.

Might drop in a double yolker just because I can.

I should stop soon, especially if more than half of them hatch...probably...
Happy Hatching!!
Speaking of hatching the next group of seramas are due to hatch at the end of the week.... omg...

Can seramas look LONG legged at hatch? (Had an egg mix up, I know it sounds like a dumb question).

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