Halo's Blue and Splash ROCK Chicks!

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  1. HBuehler

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    Jun 30, 2009
    Lebanon TN
    I'm going to part with just a few of my babies! Born about 2 weeks ago...not looking on my book but do have the exact date.1 blue is being offered up..it's getting a larger comb than the others and it's pretty big so I'm saying it looks rooish. I have a second that doesn't have much comb at all but does have very crooked toes..one out of a few hundred hatched this year I can't complain..will sell cheaper if you want it..still beautiful.
    2 splash one is looking very rooish but has beautiful splash coloring coming in.Other still has a very small comb and smaller all over.
    Price is each PM me and don't end the auction Please!
    Sorry this is all I can part with.However,I have lots of older chicks and full grown pairs and trio's for sale.Some already laying if it helps make that drive more worth the time..PM me
    WILL NOT SHIP may be able to meet within reason.
  2. HBuehler

    HBuehler Chillin' With My Peeps

    Jun 30, 2009
    Lebanon TN
    I miscounted my chicks! There are 5 up for grabs 2 blue 3 splash and PM me for all 5 at $17.00
  3. Yard full o' rocks

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    Mar 24, 2009
    Cartersville, Georgia
    Quote:Did you keep a roo for yourself? I hatched 13 out of 15 from Kathy (Halo) and only got 2 roosters. The one that I kept (Shadow...my BIG blue roo) is going to be my breeder roo. I got rid of my blue barred roo. My blue girls are simply beautiful!! I have 4 blue girls (with stunning lacing), 3 black girls and 1 splash. I wish all my birds had the temperament that these do....so gentle!

    Someone outta jump on this offer....these will be beautiful when grown
  4. HBuehler

    HBuehler Chillin' With My Peeps

    Jun 30, 2009
    Lebanon TN
    They are currently PPU on Sat but she knows I won't hold them as well..too many no shows. Not keeping any that look like roos. I sold some at hatch to another BYC member that saw we had them but with what I have left I see at least one roo in each color.I have a very scientific process to which chicks get to stay..my kids pick their favorites.
    I do have to be real careful with my youngest son..he will pick up a new hatch and say "here's a rooster" and he's yet to be wrong.[​IMG]
    I have other chicks for sale as well.
    Wynette's Black Copper Marans-a pair 6 weeks old or around that as time flies
    A few free little roos-EE pretty boy and a red sex link my kids are making a pet
    and lots of older tweens teens and young adults

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