Hamburg Pullet with a punctured earlobe

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    I noticed an injury on my Hamburg pullet two nights ago while I was doing my weekly chicken-check. If I had to guess, I would say it's a spur that did the damage.
    At first glance it just looked really swollen but on further inspection, there is an actual hole through the outside layer of skin. Directly under the wound is where the majority of the swelling has taken place. The lump feels pretty hard when I press on it and not the least bit puss-ie yet.
    So each night I bring her inside and we sit on the couch for an hour while I hold a hot epsom salt compress against the wound. Every 10-15 mins I take a wet q-tip and stick it inside the wound and try to clear out any scabbing or dirt. Afterward, I follow with 2-3 Hydrogen Peroxide q-tips, hoping that it will fizz and lift out any dirt I didn't get. Then I pack the wound with some Antibiotic Cream an put her back on her roost.
    Is there anything I'm missing or any other advice out there that would help? Normally chicken injuries don't faze me because they seem to have almost magical healing powers but this wound is really close to the brain and makes me very nervous.


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