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    Aug 9, 2010
    Yulee, FL
    I was thinking of adding a few hamburgs to my flock. I wanted to get the opinions of some of you that have experience with them. I was interested in the standard size. I read byc breed profile on them but I still have a few questions.

    How many pounds do the standards average?

    It says both the standard and bantam size lay small eggs. Are we talking silkie size eggs for the standards?

    It mentions they are flighty. Would you recommend them to be in an enclosed coop/run or would they stay with my larger flock ( they free range but stay in my yard)? Would I have to worry about them wandering further? My neighbor has chicken eating dogs. The few of mine that have strayed from the group and hopped the fence and made it back have their wings clipped now.

    We keep chickens for the eggs not for meat. Plus we enjoy watching them and the different breeds. That is why we were thinking about adding some hamburgs.
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    Sorry, I'm not much help, since I just have a SSH roo 12 wks old, so no info about the eggs, but he is different but still neat looking and is more flighty than the rest. Smaller and not very aggresive at all.
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    Feb 6, 2007
    Hamburgs are flighty but once they know you they calm down a ton. I have the bantams, btw, so can not address a couple of your other questions.

    The bantams are very efficient flyers and if being harassed by another bird will take flight. Most of the time they remain on the ground.

    When I started with mine they had been cage kept and were extreme in their "don't get near me" attitudes. Once allowed out to free range they calmed considerably.
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    Dec 8, 2010
    Martha's Vineyard MA
    The eggs are a small (by small I mean a pullet egg from any other large fowl) cream eggs. They are VERY Flighty. I cant get within 2 feet of mine before they are gone. As for housing they are fine in whatever. They would be fine free ranging. They mostly stick with the flock.
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    Jul 12, 2012
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    I'm thinking of adding three Hamburg females to my flock of five hens. Don't know if I'd start with baby chicks or older pullets. I'm not sure about it, though, because I'm afraid the Hamburgs would get bullied too much. I've heard that this breed is not only small, but also not terribly assertive. Can anyone tell me about their experience integrating Hamburgs into a mixed flock? My flock aren't very aggressive and currently get along well, though I do worry that the two Exchequer Leghorn pullets I added back in June would give any newcomers a run for their money.

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