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  1. NormansGal44

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    Mar 30, 2011
    FYI for my fellow Hamilton County, TN neighbors. I emailed the Building and Zoning Dept this morning because everything I found on their site indicated that we would have to have a permit to build a chicken coop. I even called up a few weeks ago and was told that I would first have to get a septic inspection and permit because we have septic before purchasing a $20+ building permit. Well, here is the emailed response I just got.

    "Dear Angela,
    You will not need a building permit for the chicken coop. The every two year rule applies only to new construction of a house. If you need to repair a roof, add a shed, put in a pool, etc., then you would get a building permit for those projects and would not have to wait two years. If you have any other questions please contact us by email or phone."

    Phhheeewwww! It didn't make sense to get a building permit for a coop! [​IMG]
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    Feb 7, 2011
    the initially comment on the septic inspection was making me wonder if you had a special breed that used the septic system.

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    Quote:I got this image of you training them to use "facilities" (how many holes should an outhouse have for how many chickens, I wonder?) and wouldn't THAT save on coop cleaning!


    Glad you don't have to do the permit thing, it's a money pit and a giant nuisance. Good luck, have fun,

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    Well, I don't really understand because they listed a shed as needing a permit. There is no real difference between a shed and a coop.... It usually matters if the structure is free standing (floating) or has some form of foundation and sometimes size of the structure.

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