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Discussion in 'Local Chicken Laws & Ordinances' started by Anony, Aug 6, 2011.

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    Jul 18, 2011
    I'm new to the forum; trying to get my bearings here and see what's what! I did a forum search and didn't find anything else that addresses this, so I've started this new thread.

    I live in Suffolk, Virginia, and wondered if anyone around here could give me any info on local trends regarding backyard chickens. I called our zoning office and was told that unless I was zoned agricultural, chickens are a no-no. (I'm low-density residential.) Most of the code that I could find online dealt with commercial poultry operations, not 3-5 birds kept for personal use. Are there any local movements toward changing codes/laws in the area or region that I could jump in on? How about beekeeping? (Wrong forum, I know, but in my mind they're the natural first steps toward urban homesteading, so I'd assume that many people involved in one may be involved in the other?)

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    About beekeeping, pending on where you are at and what level you are interested in...... it could be deemed legal. NOT if you are in a residential neighborhood though. And if you have existing neighbors they need to be aware of your beekeeping. there are meeting for the hampton roads beekeepers [​IMG] Message me if you'd like more information about that or bees in general. Now on to the chicken debacle....... unfortunately..... Hampton Roads is severely NOT "chicken-friendly" I've come to find. I'm not quite sure where exactly you live, but it definitely depends on zoning. I know with me looking for land and property out there that was a main contention.......... Chickens would be easy to be an "outlaw" and illegally keep chickens like I was running a speakeasy hahaha..... but the goats and horses ect ect would not be so easy to hide [​IMG] I finally got a large amount of property in Virginia Beach (50+ acres of land) that just so happens to bc in the "middle" of everything though you'd hardly even know it. *oceana/ general booth* technically I'd be deemed "non agricultural" but Thankfully considering my 250 yr old Farmhouse was grandfathered in when Oceana Air was put in I dont think I will have a problem. (That and I'm hard to find and my pastures are tucked away and hidden by LOTS of trees and woods:woot: ). I DO know that there is a group of us that are advocating making chicken keeping legal. (mainly a Norfolk group so far) Nice to meet someone who's interested in both bees and the cluck clucks [​IMG]

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