*~!Hanada's Life!~A Story of a Girls Grim Life*


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Hanada jumped on her Mare barebacked and kicked sharply and she rushed forward leaving a puff of dust behind.
She smirked as the wind blew in her bleach blonde hair,her straight hair now whipping in the wind feircly.
She yolwed happily and shot her hand up happily and bumped her mare's belly with her foot,her mare jolted and went even faster.
Hanada leaned forward and watched the shadows pass by like her life.

Sadly she had no one to love except for her Mare,Lily.
She smirked and as they went faster she saw for an instant Maya and Toru,how she would love to be Married and to be loved by a Human boy...But...Alas she knew that would never happen...

She sighed and her hair whipped more feircly in the wind now,she smiled and put her arms out happily as to be almost feeling the wind,the excitement,the thrill..
Her mare tossed her head happily and bolted faster.
She neighed a long screech almost sounding like a...Shadow Horse.

Hanada smirked and nodded and held onto her mare's neck and laid her head on her neck and watched the world go by,siftly and almost like a eternity to Hanada but to Lily....it was a dream top be ridden by such a beautiful girl..who'd care for her..
Hanada thought of her whole life and frowned sadly thinking of all that has happened to her,she was always shy..
Which always made the kids in school pick on her,she turned away form society as the adults would talk about her..

Her parents gave her away,her family hated her...
Yet,there was a spark in her life..A young hitgh-school boy named Yuki.
He loved her for who she was,but yet again her life dropped and became dark once again..

The love of her life had been hit by a swirving car,He and her were walking across the street to their school,and the maniac driver screeched around the corner and Yuki saw,and pushed her out of harms way,Hanada saw him slowly as she was pushed out of the way.Him smirking happily and he waved a goodbye.Then,the car hit him and sped off without stooping,it turned a corner and was gone like thin air.

She went to his side immediatly,but it was too late..He had died and blood was dripping form his mouth,she held him close to her sobbing loudly and tears streamed down her face.
Students and people ran over to see.
They swarmed around her saying such things like "That stupid girl!She should have been watching!" or "Clumsy Girl!!" or "Poor boy,he had to die for such a stupid ugly girl" they all said.

All their comments hit her like a train,hey swarmed in her head echoing loudly she thought "It...It was my fualt..This would'nt have happened if it was'nt for me" she said in her mind.
She had always told herself that.She cried while riding her Mare softly tears streaming down her cheeks and her once Blue eyes shut closed,Her mare neighed sadly but kept on Galloping at an amazing speed.....

To be Continued~
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pekinduck<3er :

this is just like the Prologue
I'll put the part up with him and her falling in love and such

i got that up in your form in my RP, is that okay?​


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Chapter 1

Hanada Age 6-

Hanada walked through her house,her tiny footsteps could be heard echoing through the house.
She looked around with tears down her cheeks,calling out "Mommy!Daddy!" with her tiny teddy bear in one hand and in her horse pajamas.
She wiped her eyes groggily and walked to her parents room,the door was open just with a tiny crack.
She went up closer to the door closer,she looked through and saw her mother and father arguing and getting into a fight.

She listened and watched,"Reid!!She's just a Horrible child!!We need to get rid of her!!" her mother yelled "Honey!!Let's just talk this over!!" her father said madly
Hanada flinched crying even more but kept quiet,She opened the door a slight bit more to get a better hearing of it all.
Her mother's face went red with anger "No Reid!She's just ruining us!!It's her fault were having marriage problems!!" her mother screamed "Mary!!Let's just talk about this!And it's not Hanada's fault!!It's our own fault" he protested angrily throwing up his hands madly.

Hanada opened the door now tears streaming down her cheeks even more now,her mother looked and anger burned in her eyes and turned her head in disgust.
Her father looked sadly at Hanada and walked off to his closet to think about what just happened.
Hanada watched her mother strode off and go downstairs,her father came in and said to her quietly and sadly "Honey...Mommy is going away for some time okay?" he frowned sadly and walked downstairs.

Hanada nodded slowly and went to her room and jumped on her bed,her small cheeks were puffy and red now and she wept into her pillow and cried herself to sleep.
When she awoke she looked out her window next to her bed,the sun was shining brightly and her alarm went off,she looked at it and it said 9:00.
She got out of her bed and put on her slippers with pink bunnys on them,she went to her window and looked out to find a taxi infront of her 2 story house and her mother carrying 2 suitecases.
Her mother threw them into the taxi and jumped in and slammed the door angrily and her father rushed to the taxi window,her mother rolled down the window and they talked about some stuff that Hanada couldn't hear.

Then,Her mother spit on her father and the taxi drove off speeding down the rode turning about the corner,her father put his hands behind his ahnds in sorrow and walked back inside saldy and slowly.
Hanada watched her father in sadness and sighed,she then walked downstairs and her father came in.
She looked at her father with sadness in her eyes,he looked at her and said putting a hand on her head "Hanada,your Aunt is going to take you until thing sare sorted out" he said and smiled slightly but it was a fake smile plastered on his face.

To be Continued..
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Chapet 2

Still age 6-

She looked at him,her head tilted slightly "I have....a Aunt?" Hanada said slightly confused as she had never met her family.
Her father nodded slowly "Well,you're leaving today.." he said pondering "I know it's soon but..She..Really want's to see you" he said looking at her with a smile.
Hanada smiled and went upstair happily skipping up the stairs into her room,she got a big suitcase and put her clothes and some stuffed animals and her picture of her parents.
She smiled but frowned sadly quickly once she looked closer at her mother's face,she thought of her look of disgust when Hanada came into the room.

She quickly put down the photo,tears streaming down her cheeks now thinking of her mother "She...She left me.." she thought saly and shook the thought away and out of her mind.
She closed her suitcase and ziped it up and changed into some jeans and a cute Flower shirt.
Her father called from downstairs and Hanada ran down with her heavy suitcase in her hands,heaving it downstairs.
Finnally she made it downstairs,she trugged the suitcase to the frontdoor and sat it their and ran off to where her dad was,in the kitchen of course..

She ran in and stopped in the middle of the kitchen an glanced at her father and said politely "So,Daddy..Are we goin' or not?" he looked at her and nodded and went into his room and put on his shoes.
He then went outside and started the Car,the engine roared loudly and Hanada could hear it from inside.
She went to the frontdoor and grabbed her suitcase and opened the door and dragged the suitcase that was bigger than her to the car,she then threw it in the back and got in the car.
Her dad looked at her "Did you close the Door?" he asked impatiently,she widened her eyes and shook her head "No" she replied and got out of the car and closed the Frontdoor.

Her dad nodded and pressed a button which closed the Garage Door,Hanada quickly jumped into the front seat of the car and closed the door.
She turned on the air and turned on the radio to 102.9 then nodded her head to the music that was playing "Let it Die-Breaking Benjamin".
Her father shook his head and backed out of the driveway into the street and out of the neighborhood,then drove down the main street towards Hanada's Aunts house...

To be Continued..
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