HAND FEEDIN........3--4 week old budgies


8 Years
Sep 5, 2011
I have babies and I wanted to start hand feeding them, well I bought the "Exact brand" baby formula and they won't eat it. So I put them back in thier cage box with mom and dad. I want them to be tame, mom and dad aren't.
So I am holding them every chance I get..........ANY IDEAS????????????????// HELP...........
I have hand fed baby lovebirds. I used Exact Brand also. It depends on the age of the chick how thick or liquidy the formula should be. I normally use an eyedropper to feed the chicks when they just hatched and have their eyes closed. They will get used to your voice by the time they have their eyes open they will know you are the one that brings the food.

If you took them when they are older they don't know you are trying to feed them and it will take some time for them to let you feed them properly. for the older chicks a syringe with the needle removed is what i normally use to hand feed them.


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