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Ok so don't yell but a local racer with some really great birds lost his whole flock during a race, now the good part the flock is staying in the barn that I board my horse. I have notified him and he does not want them. The owner of the stables has been shooting them so I have been collecting them and eggs. I got a egg last nigh I am going to try to put under a pair but I need to know how to feed if this does not go well. I am at home 24/7 and can feed every hour or more. I just need to know what to feed. Any suggestions would be great,
That is quite an undertaking!!! I had luck feeding a baby dove cat food soaked in water. I would assume feeding a baby pigeon would be similar. You have to put the smooshy food in between your fingers and get the baby's beak in there too to put it in...it is a learning curve...good luck! Terri O
Pigeons are one of the easiest of the altricial birds to raise imo. They don't have to be fed as often as other birds, and due to columbiformes natural sucking mechanism, I find them to be easier to feed. That said, pigeons produce something called 'crop milk' for their young. If you can get a pair to foster the eggs, great. If not, you will have to incubate them, have a brooder ready, and feed them. Mac milk is one mix that is used in place of crop milk for the first few days after hatching.

More detailed informationin the following links, including warnings about food being too cold or too hot. Text search for my username.
Crop tube method:
Mentions pigeon specific cut syringe method where the bird can eat at its own pace:
Lots more information and how to videos are available on the web. :)
if your going to hand raise, do your homework. I would sugest Kaytee exact hand feeding formula. heres a link:


but its unlikly that you would need to hand feed because pigeons are exalent parents. :) hand feeding is a huge responcibility, but you will end up with a very tame friendly bird. i had a hand fed serbian high flyer named lucky who followed me everywhere. he would give people little kisses on their ears :3
Thanks for the links! I am going to see if I can get some of that Kaytee formula soon as the egg is in my bator because the pair ended up laying 2 eggs of there own so I will be handfeeding. I am looking forwrd to this experience and will post any ?s or conserns. Thanks again and I will post pics once it hatches.
I wouldn't try to hand feed if the pair is capable only handfeeding if the birds parents have adonded it, died or have a larger sibling. All but one lived of the nine I hand-raised.

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