Hand made Goat's Milk Soaps and Lotions

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    I hand make goat's milk soaps and lotions in my own kitchen. The goat's milk is fresh from my own Nubians. If you have never tried using goat's milk soaps and lotions, try it once and you will never go back to "regular" soaps again! Would you like to know why you should use goat's milk on your skin? Look here: http://www.redroofllamas.com/Benefitsofgoatsmilksoap.htm

    And here: http://www.newenglandgrown.com/pages/goatsoap.html

    here: http://www.contentmentacres.com/whyusegms.htm

    is a lot of good information in those pages, if you have the time to read them over I think you will understand why I will never again use anything but goat's milk soaps! They are especially wonderful in the winter when your skin is feeling dry and irritated, goat's milk soap does not dry your skin like commercial soaps do.

    I am now making my Thanksgiving and Christmas soaps. I make gift baskets also, contact me for details!

    The shipping cost shown above is for a small flat rate box, which will hold about 6-8 bars of soap, or 5 bars and a four ounce jar of lotion.
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    I looked at your website,do u still make the soap with thegoat design on it?iT IS BEAUTIFUL
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    Yes I do, that is one of my favorites as well. [​IMG] I have several bars of that in different colors/scents fully cured and ready to sell right now, I will try to get pics of them up tomorrow morning.
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    Wow I love your prices. I have been using goat soap for awhile but have been paying upwards of $7 a bar. How much would a basket cost me? Im ooking to get a xmas present for myself.
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    Well, how big a basket would you like? LOL I have a very pretty small basket here that would hold about five-six bars of assorted soaps and a four ounce jar of lotion. That would cost about $17 to $20 plus shipping. If you are interested in something larger I can figure that up and let you know.

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