Hand raised 6-7 week old male Pekin needs home--Virginia


8 Years
Aug 29, 2011
I have a very small "flock" of ducklings (one young "jumbo" male and two middle-aged females--one a Pekin and one an Indian runner). All rescues, although Goliath was more "searched for" when my 12 year old drake Doose died and Lucy and Delilah needed a new "leader." I had no idea he was going to be as large as he is, but as it is, the girls are getting "beaten up" too much by mating.

I volunteer at the local animal shelter and they contacted me about three weeks ago when someone turned in a duckling. (Ordered an egg online as a pet for their four year old daughter--you can guess why that didn't work out.) It was going to be euthanized if I couldn't take it. So, I did, praying that it was a female but committed to finding it a home if not. My vet was unable to sex it, so bloodwork was done. It took three weeks (nuts--Idexx sent the bloodwork to GERMANY) but I have just found out that Peanut is male. For his (and the "girls") well-being, I can't keep him.

It has stayed cold here; he has been introduced at times when the weather was decent to the other ducks but he is absolutely more bonded to humans. He has been staying in my guest bathroom (with lots of "house" time using pee pads and towels--ducklings are poop machines). Very strong and healthy (I've raised him "right"). Almost fully feathered.

I've contacted everyone I can think of to contact to try to find a good home for him. I want him to be an outside duck (my others are) but for someone willing to keep him indoors (with all of the difficulties I know that entails), that's fine too. He's the kind of ducking you occasional see that follows you everywhere. Friendly (and demanding LOL). I just want him to have a healthy and happy life.

Anyone here who can help with that, or has any ideas?

Karen (in Woodbridge, VA)
Hi Karen, I'd be interested in taking him. I have 2, 1 year old pekin drakes that I adopted 3 weeks ago. They are bonded together and live outside. if you think that situation might work, let me know. I am in MA so I don't know if there's any problem with birds and state lines but someone might have some insight.
Three males? Do you have any females? I don't know if males get aggressive with each other without females present. Also, do you have a pen/house for night? (Just curious about your set up.) MA is a long way away from me, so am hoping to find a home near to me, but thank you so much for responding. I'll let you know if I can't find something closer for him.
It's my understanding that males are ok together if there's no females around, and I don't have any. Someone else can chime in on that I'm sure. I have an enclosed 16x8 run with a duck house inside, so they're double locked in at night. They have access to the fenced in yard when I'm around. I understand about the distance. It's possible I can arrange him a ride up.
That sounds like my own set up! Let's get in touch offline. Can you e-mail me? (Email removed)
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