Hand-raised cockerels (Australia)

Chris King

8 Years
Jul 27, 2013
Winston-Salem, NC
I have two young roosters I need to rehome. They are almost fully grown (currently 13 weeks old, b. 30Aug) and have been hand-raised from a day old, so they are well socialised to humans. They are commercial Australorp crosses (mostly black with a small amount of red/brown on throat and wings), so their daughters will produce eggs with brown shells. The larger of the two is already crowing and has begun harassing the pullets. The smaller one will begin any day now... Alas, a family member (who is not a morning person :) is insisting they go live somewhere else :-(

These are lovely birds, and I'm parting with them reluctantly. I want them to go to a good home where they will live with a flock of hens. To that end, they are "free to good home" -- but only to a good home. You will need to convince me that you intend to keep them as roosters and not turn them into coq au vin or some other chicken dish.

Ideally, they will go together to their new home, but if you need just one rooster, that will be alright.

These photos were taken this morning.

We are in Park Ridge, Queensland, Australia
(Park Ridge is just south of Brisbane)


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