Hand-raised Roosters in need of homes : ) HARFORD, PA

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    Hello, Everyone! Here are all of my boys. In search of homes for any or all where they can each be the only rooster. If you need two, I have a great team, too! I hatched six eggs last year - all six were these boys.

    They have had to be separated from the ladies for too long (I only have five hens). Each is such a good boy. I pick them up to hold them and pet them daily. All eat gently out of my hand. Willing to transport within reason. Direct message with inquiries so I can tell you all about, and send more pics of, any sweet boy that you are thinking about using to protect your girls!

    Sam Elliott and Napoleon (true brothers - think Kane and Able when they are together) are bantams - little guys with feathered feet and legs. Abraham is the only full size boy, smooth legs, GORGEOUS. Eddie is somewhere between a bantam and standard, with a few feathers on his legs/feet. Luke & Owen are true brothers (look at their stances in the photos below!) and are the size of standard hens. These two have lots of feathers on their feet and legs.

    The father of all six boys was my Colombian Cochin Bantam, Jules.

    Eddie's mom: production red

    Abraham's: Olive Egger (Delaware/ Ameraucana cross)

    Napoleon and Jules: my pretty little gray bantam, Queen Elizabeth II Please, especially if you have never had a rooster before, my guys are perfect for the beginner. One rooster can protect about 11 hens so if you need more than one, Eddie and Abraham are a good team. Bantams (mini chickens) make great flock roosters, too! My CCB, Jules, was the best and only one of my girls is not standard size!

    I look forward to hearing from you!

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