Hand-raised started Black Australorp pullet (Maine)

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    Apr 25, 2007
    Southern Maine
    We had to order more chicks than we needed this year, so we have 3 happy, healthy started pullets available. These chicks have been handled daily and imprinted on people. Hatched late April, they have just moved outside with a heat lamp at night. They will be off heat altogether in about 10 days, and would probably be best if they go to their new home then.

    Vaccinated against Mareks, fed medicated anti-coccidiosis feed for 5 weeks, now eating organic grower crumble.

    We are in Cumberland, Maine. 10 minutes from Portland, between Falmouth and Yarmouth. No shipping, local sale to a good home only!

    $10 each

    1- Easter Egger
    1- Black Australorp
    1- Plymouth Barred Rock

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