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    Just curious if anyone had any experiences with breeds considered nervous or "flighty" that they've raised by hand. For the past decade, we've kept a small flock of hens (6 or less) & always keep new chicks in a brooder in our house (pretty much all day interaction with us) until they are at least 6 weeks old, then we start to transition them to the coop. They have always grown to be easy-going, for the most part, friendly birds but we've only kept breeds considered calm/docile ... red sex links, Australorps, Orpingtons, barred rock. We're adding new birds this season & considering a cream legbar because the breed is "autosexing" (don't have anyone to send the Roos to & don't have the heart to cull). From what I've read it seems they can be flighty but I was wondering if they were raised as our other birds have been (in the house w/daily interactions) they might be less flighty? Any experiences or opinions? TIA [​IMG]

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    My only experience is with White Leghorns. I've always hand raised them, but don't necessarily hold them a lot. A few years ago my daughter raised some for 4-H and those are much calmer then our past leghorns have been, but they're still flighty and nervous! You certainly can't just go up to them and pick them up.

    I have no experience with Legbars, but flighty breeds tend to be similar.
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    For first month or so post-hatch feed them live mealworms by hand once day. Make so they must get mealworms from your hand.

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