Handicap chick? Don't know what to do


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Nov 20, 2011
Two days ago this egg started hatching (our first ever actually!) but by yesterday, he was still barely out so we decided to assist him. He was a bit floppy, for lack of a better word, but thought maybe after a while he would be able to start standing and such.

Nearly a day later now, and he's still not doing so great. He's still chirping a bit and moving but he just doesn't seem to manage much. There's something strange with one of his wings and one of his feet -- so he can't stand upright. I'll try to get a photo. I really don't know what to do at this point. Do I move him to the brooder (where the other chick that has hatched and is doing ok is already in)? Or what should I do?

The humidity has dropped right down to nearly 50% overnight :(. The other three eggs haven't pipped at all so I don't think they will be hatching. :( One egg that started cracking yesterday, we're about to help that little dude out just now as well as it's probably just all gotten a bit too dry. (Update: he's out now and seems to be doing ok compared to this other one, will probably just need a bit of time.)

I'll try to get a photo...
We have put him in the brooder, but really don't know if it'll be any better. He really has no control over his feet.

The other one is fully out of the egg now but does not seem to be doing much better. :( But he did just come out I guess, so hopefully he will start moving soon etc. Is it really bad for him in terms of recovering that the humidity was down, or will that not affect it from that perspective?
I guess we did the right thing to get him out though, right? Same with the one today - I mean it'd been 28+ hours each time, they'd have just died in the eggs otherwise I would have thought. (The one doing fine seemingly kick-boxed his way out really quickly and easily.)

I'll go to the shops just now and see if there is a UK equivalent of save-a-chick (it is some sort of water substance right?). I guess it is ok to even have the healthy one take that?
One of the three remaining eggs has pipped! Really surprised since they were 'due' yesterday, and obviously we had that big humidity drop overnight (to nearly 50 -- it is ok now). Anything we can do to make sure these hatchings go smoother, in light of that drop?

Trying to make a second brooder now since the healthy chick is pecking at the struggling one!
He didn't make it. I'd left him kind of close to the light since he can't move much, but he managed to move right under the light. I saw him there but he was calm so I thought he was ok and just relaxing/falling asleep finally (after being so antsy earlier), so I just left him. But I guess it was way too hot and he died. Feeling so guilty and sad :(
We all make mistakes. If he was handicapped he's better off now.
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