Handicap- depressed chick need advice on healthy friends

chick steffry12

6 Years
Apr 18, 2013
Help! I have adopted a chick around four weeks ago from a cal-ranch in Flagstaff, AZ. The chick was is rough shape when first getting him. Both his legs do not work well (he still manages to get around) he is not bleeding and has a healthy appetite. We are feeding him non medicated food- he has a heat lamp and we hold him everyday for 35-60 min a day everything has been going good except for two things:1. He isn't growing fast ( he also has a lack of feathers on his wings but his legs and feet are covered in feathers) 2. He is getting lonely and depressed. We just adopted a duckling but have had to separate them because the duck was bullying our chick. We went back to CAL-Ranch, traded for another duck- came home same problem. We once again went bak asked for more advice and the workers told us to get another healthy chick. However I have read that healthy chicks will bully unhealthy or handicap chicks... Any advice ? Thanks
TO Chick Steffry12: YOU ARE NOT DOING THIS ANIMAL ANY FAVORS WITH THIS PROJECT...He is probably miserable from all his physical problems and suffering...Chickens are livestock...Treat them with respect, but there is a time to put their needs ahead of your misguided attempts to alleviate a situation that cannot be alleviated...
I agree with the above post. A healthy chick will quickly out grow this one if it is not growing at a normal pace, and will then get knocked around and possible picked on.

If you are determined to keep this little one you could try putting a mirror in with it and a stuffed animal for it to cuddle with. But only spending 30-60 min a day with a creature that is used to and expects to have a flock around it 24-7 is not going to be enough.

Good luck!
Is the chick still having all the same problems as when you first got it? Can it walk better? How much has it grown in 4 weeks? My opinion is if the leg issue has improved, it can just be a slower grower. In my group of 20 chicks, I have one that is very, very small, but is one of the spunkiest chicks in the group and has no issues sticking up for herself. It does sound like the poor thing is lonely though.. so I'd get a few chicks that are younger, smaller in size to your chick to keep it company. But does the chick have any other issues? If it's just unhealthy to begin with, then that doesn't bode well for her future.
Thanks for helping the little animal. Track the weight and make sure it is increasing if slowly. I agree that having other chicks around might help, definitely younger so that they couldn't bully the one that you have already. Monitor them and have plenty of access to food. Either the chick will outgrow the problems or not, you will find out in due time.

Good luck!

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