Handicap Lady Veteran needs easy to build coop plans ASAP!


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May 21, 2011
Champion, Michigan
Hi again fellow chicken lovers!

Here's my dilemma.

I have a 12x20 open air coop already but it's now too small.

I first thought of expanding it , but I'm not sure how to " tie in " the expansion

To the existing roof that is higher on the side I wanted to expand out.

I've never built anything this big and since it's very hard for

Me to get around much now , and my only helper is my 14 yr old son who goes back to school Tuesday , I figured I'd better build a smaller coop for now.

I've spent countless hours researching coops from BYC and it seems I love each

Of them. LOL

I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and it's a matter of just a few

Weeks til the snow starts falling , so I need to get going yesterday, as I'm

Starting to stress out about this.

This coop would be for my SF Roo and His girl, Lucy!!

They need more room.

If there is Anyone who could send me pics of their coop with

Step by step instructions and material list, I would be So Grateful and


I'm looking for a SMALL to Medium , walk in coop if that helps.

Feel free to PM me or reply to this post .

I'm planning on naming the coop " THE EGG-stractor"

What do you all think of that??

Anyway, I look forward to seeing coops and Thank you All in advance!


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Mar 27, 2009
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My Coop
My Coop
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Apr 28, 2009
My first chicken coop- built by myself when I was 26, was built without a nail or screw!

I had an existing open shed, so that helped, but my plan could be used without an existing structure. You'd just need to screw 4 2x4's to each other to frame a base. My coop was just horse panels (semi-rigid 6ft x 16ft panels with 2"x4" openings) that were arched up and then tucked into the foundation created by the walls of the shed. That took 5 minutes and took care of two "walls" and a "roof". The open ends I then closed using lighter weight fencing material that I could cut to fit the arch with wire cutters. I used zip ties to join the sides to the arch. The doorway was an old screen door I found somewhere- instead of screwing the hinges to something I just zip tied the door to the side and I'd love the coop using two double ended bolt snaps.

The coop worked fantastically with no complaints until I moved this past fall!

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