Handling young chickens


8 Years
Mar 26, 2011
Southwest New Hampshire
What is the best way to pick up young chickens? My 2 girls are 4 weeks, and their wings are getting big and powerful. (Beautiful, too, I might add. It's fascinating watching them develop, isn't it?)

When I pick them up out of their brooder, they flap wildly. If I try to grasp them with both hands over their back and wings, they struggle, so I release their wings. I don't want to hurt them! They end up perching on my hand and flap-flap-flapping until I set them down on the floor or my lap. They're very calm then, and enjoy my company (especially if I have their favorite treat - oatmeal!)

Is there a better technique for moving them from one place to another?
We pick up our girls non stop, have seems day one . We wanted them super tame so by loving on them and picking them several times a day we learned how to best pick them up, one we slid our hand under there chest, this way they are very comfortable in our hands. This seems to be the way they chicks like being picked up for us. Slide your hand under there front legs, face of the chicken facing your arm. Put hand on there backs.
I use the one hand over one hand under technique. But I hold them loosely- so they don't feel squished but don't feel like they'll fall. If that makes any sense at all. It works for most, but some chicks are just turds and don't like to be cuddled. Good luck with them
I scoop my chicks up wih both my hands where their feet are dangling and their always calm when I hold them. I hold my goslings the same way.

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