Handmade Chicken Harnesses for Walking Your Chickens

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  1. Sumatra503

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    Sep 24, 2010
    Yes, you can take your chicken for a walk in the park! These harnesses also work well for just restraining a chicken while it is in your lap or on your shoulder.

    The harnesses come in either Pink or Rainbow Stars. The Rainbow Stars can go with either Gender. Each harness comes with a 5 foot lead that matches the harness. They are all hand stitched by yours truly and are, of course, handmade.

    They are pretty much a "one size fits all" harness size. They adjust from 15" down to 8" approximately. Which is about a little bigger than a production layer down to a bantam cochin or silkie in size.

    The cost is $15.00 for a harness in either color with a 5 foot lead. Plus $3.00 for priority flat rate shipping.

    If you would like to order a harness please PM me.


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